How not to have a Monday morning

The children were both out late on Saturday night, and this is never a good thing.  Because they are not crabby the day immediately after they don’t get enough sleep (that would have been Sunday) they are crabby the day after that (today).

The C-man likes to go down to the basement after he is ready for school in the morning and practice his dribbling skills.  He does this a lot, and has a little sort of court carved out for himself down there.

Well, this morning Princess O decided she wanted to do some dribbling too.  She will deny this, but I suspect she really didn’t care one bit about actually dribbling, this was about stirring up trouble because she was in a crabby kind of mood.

I discovered this after the screaming started and Princess O came upstairs to tell me that the C-man was not letting her play in the basement.

Down the stairs I go to tell the C-man that he has to share the basement.  While I am doing this Princess O takes up residence in the C-mans court and starts dribbling, with the predictable results.  I told her she couldn’t just kick her brother out of his spot and that she should dribble on the other end of the basement (am I really having this conversation?).  She threw a fit because she didn’t want to dribble “there,” she only wants to be where the C-man is and it isn’t fair because he ALWAYS gets to be there.  So it’s her turn.  Yes because you have never wanted to do this before!

Do you see how I came up with the theory that she was just trying to cause trouble?  I sent her to her room for yelling and on her way out she threw the ball at me.  Fortunately she missed, but I took the ball anyway just to be nasty.  And then I made the C-man come upstairs too just to be sure nobody was happy.

Not the best way to start the week.


In other news here is this week’s schedule


  • C- practice at 5, game at 6


  • O- practice at 5
  • C- practice at 5, game at 6 at the opposite end of town from O’s practice


  • O’s birthday
  • C- practice at 5, game at 6


  • C- Practice at 8am – game at 9


  • O- practice at 5 game at 5:45
  • C –  practice at 5, game at 6, thankfully both at the same park this time.

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