The birthday party

So there I was this week, chugging along, accomplishing Things, doing the laundry, minding my own business when suddenly it hit me:  Holy Crap, Princess O’s birthday party is Saturday!  I had that thought on Thursday.  Happily it is not difficult to plan a party for six 10 and 11 year old girls.  They pretty much entertain themselves.

All that I was really required to do was purchase food and beverages, and assemble goody bags. 

The Princess decided she did not want pizza for her party (big surprise), she decided we should have a deli tray instead.  She also wanted watermelon and potato chips. Easy peasy.  I got some ham, some turkey and a new jar of peanut butter yesterday. And this morning I wrestled the watermelon into submission.  I also got to make her a cake.   Unlike her ingrate brother, she actually wanted a homemade cake.  Yippee.



remains of a proper homemade cake

remains of a proper homemade cake




While I was out shopping yesterday I also got some really cool reusable bags in the you’re in luck it’s a buck section at Target to use for the goody bags.  I thought those would be better than lunch bags.   Each guest got some (sugar fee) bubble gum, some gummi bears and a small stuffed kitty.  And the bag of course.  I thought that was a pretty good haul.

The party went something like this:

  • giggle
  • eat
  • giggle
  • eat
  • play in the mud
  • go home

I am calling it a successful afternoon, and there is even leftover cake.  Yum.


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