Farewell tooth fairy

The Princess lost a tooth last night.  It was her last baby tooth.    Awww.

It was a rather bloody affair, reminiscent of your favorite slasher film.  This is unusual for her.  She’s not usually a bleeder, that particular title is reserved for the C-man.  Last night, however, was apparently the exception to that rule.

All’s well that ends well though, and now she is a dollar richer.  She left the tooth fairy the following note

Dear Tooth Fairy

Please leave my tooth you know the drill.  Blah blah blah.  It’s my last one so make it special.

I love it.

Of course the tooth fairy just left a dollar like she usually does. Princess O was kind of cheesed off about that this morning.  Really, I thought she should be proud of the tooth fairy for remembering to leave anything at all.  Besides the tooth fairy has to be careful about setting a precedent I – I mean she – might not remember when the C-man loses his last tooth.  Because at the rate he’s going that won’t be until about 2018.  My memory is not that good.


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