Happy Birthday to me

Let’s see…what did I do on my birthday.


First I have to show you the awesome present Princess O made me


It’s a racecar!  She sewed me a racecar!  She cut the cars out of the C-man’s old pajamas and made me a little pillow.  My penguin can rest on it.  Once again I bow down before her in admiration of her skills, and in fear of what could happen if she decided to use those skills for evil instead of good.

I also got a Whitman’s Sampler (yummy!) from Tom even though he is in Germany right now.

The C-man has been calling me birthday-mommy all day.  When he got out of the car at school he said, “have a great day birthday-mommy.  Take a hot bath.  Go to a movie.  Do whatever you want mommy, it’s your birthday”.  He slays me sometimes.

Tonight the three of us will go out for dinner.  I have told the children that if they say anything at the restaurant about it being my birthday it will be the last thing they ever do.  They have promised to keep their big yaps shut. 

Tonight I will watch Formula 1 practice from Monaco.  Usually practice is on Friday, but in Monaco it’s on Thursday.  I honestly can’t think of a better thing to do this evening than watch fast cars, eat birthday cake and drink beer. 

Happy Birthday to me.


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