Middle School orientation (insert scary music here)

Yesterday was the dreaded Middle School Orientation.  Da-da-da-dum.  To be honest, it was not the orientation we were dreading it is middle school itself.  I am weak with anxiety.  It is all kind of overwhelming.

When we arrived they ushered all of us into the auditorium. The principal introduced himself and the sixth grade teachers, and then all the children went off on a tour of the building.

The parents, meanwhile, were treated to a power point presentation about the Middle School.  It was all quite overwhelming.  He talked about how challenging the Middle School years are (I had already figured that out) and what resources the school had to make these three years easier.  Frankly, I am not sure that is possible, but we shall see.

Then they played a music video the 8th-graders had put together to John Mayer’s “No Such Thing” I had to laugh at that.  I wondered if anybody had really listened to the lyrics.

Here’s the video (John Mayer’s not the 8th-graders)

After the video all the children returned to the auditorium and took their parents on a tour of the building.  I will say, it is a very nice building.  It should be, it’s only about four years old and they spent a fortune on it.  

But I digress.  The Princess seemed very excited about the media center.  It is (naturally) much bigger than the media center (that’s a library to you and me) in her elementary school.  She has also decided she wants to give up the violin, and join the drama club.  Of course she does.  More drama is exactly what she needs.

She will be riding the bus next year for the first time ever.  So I was really looking forward to hearing how the bussing works. But guess what?  There is a new bus company next year and the school doesn’t have any information yet!  Fabulous.

There is another open house in August. They will have the bus information then.  We will also have the opportunity then to join the Booster Club, set up a lunch account for Her Royal Highness and we can practice getting from the front door to homeroom.  I suspect we will do that several times.  The Princess is very worried about getting lost.

One thought on “Middle School orientation (insert scary music here)

  1. When you have 2 minutes stop by the site. There may be a few middle school resources for you.

    Author, A Parents’ guide to the Middle School years

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