I got a haircut today.  When the stylist was done she styled my hair.  First she put a bunch of “product” in it (notice I used the fancy salon word instead of just calling it “stuff”).   Then she used a blow dryer and a round brush and a curling iron.  And the whole time she kept talking to me, telling me how to do what she was doing.  

All I could think was “it’s so cute that you think I will ever do this for myself”.

I am a firm believer in low maintenance hair.  I only even bother to use a blow dryer because it gets cold here in the winter and I don’t want to get pneumonia from walking to my car in the gym parking lot with a wet head.

The Princess, meanwhile, for most of her life has avoided haircuts like the plague.  She likes her hair looong.  But she is coming around.  I suspect because it takes her so long to comb her hair in the morning.

The C-man likes to get his hair buzzed and then let it grow for about half a year before he does it again. So he is either sporting the shaved head look or the skate-punk shaggy look.  Last summer he said he would only get a haircut if he could get a mohawk. 

I told him that was fine with me and he backed down.  I had called his bluff.  It’s too bad really, I bet he would look hilarious with a mohawk.


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