Mother’s day debrief

As promised, here are photos of the Mother’s Day gifties.  Sorry it took me so long to do this.  There was not a single AA battery in the house and my camera was out of juice.


First of all, check out this penguin Princess O made for me.


Yep that’s right.  She made it.  All by herself.  She didn’t have a pattern or anything.  She was just winging it.  I am amazed.  I knew something was going on because every time I would come upstairs she would quickly shut her door, and she doesn’t usually do that (yet).  But I was just gobsmacked.  I bow down before her in awe and in terror of what she might come up with next.

The C-man gave me yummy yummy chocolate bars.



Finally, I will show you my gifty from Tom, but before I do that I want to tell you about the gift-receiving ritual in our family.

First you pick up the present and say’ “I think it’s a cat”.  Then you open it.  When I opened this one I said’ “Oh, it’s a dog!”


When unwrapping the package you must say at some point “I think I need a scissors”

If after you unwrap the package you see these words:


Your next line is  “fra-jeeel-ay, it must be Italian!”

Then you finally get to the big reveal


Yes, that is not one but two Barack Obama coffee mugs.  Awesome.

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