The Spanish Grand Prix Report

Formula 1 finally returns to Europe!  After a long stretch of flyaway races the F1 circus descended on Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix.  And not a moment too soon.  While I enjoy the Australian Grand Prix, I really hate the races in Malaysia, China and Bahrain, so it’s been a long start to the season for me.

I love the Spanish Grand Prix.  It’s one of my favorites.  The teams are back in Europe (which is where they belong in my humble opinion), it doesn’t usually rain there, and the whole place is chock-a-block full of Alonso fans.  What’s not to like?  I would love to go to this race someday.  Preferably before Alonso retires, but that seems like a long shot.

Anyhoo, on to the race.  Jenson Button was on pole for Brawn GP and his teammate Rubens Barrichello was starting third.  Sebastian Vettel was second in his Red Bull Racing car.  And, in a rare appearance at the pointy end of the grid this year, Felipe Massa’s Ferrari was starting fourth.  Meanwhile, Alonso, our hero, was starting eighth. 

And so it begins!  Barrichello jumps ahead of both Vettel and Button to take the lead!  Go Rubens go!  But not too fast!  We had a big smash-up in the back that took our four cars.  Those four cars are:  Jarno Trulli’s Toyota, Sebastian Buemi’s Torro Rosso, Sebastien Bourdais’ Torro Rosso and Adrian Sutil’s Force India.  Oops.  There was debris all over the track.  As we all know – because the  Speed announcers tell us all the time – those carbon fiber shards are sharp.  They will cut your tires to ribbons, and you don’t even think about what it can do to your car if it gets in the radiator ducts.

The safety car came out while the marshalls cleaned that mess up, and then we were off again.

Button managed to leapfrog his teammate for the win.  Rubens Barrichello was second, and Red Bull’s Mark Webber was third! 

Felipe Massa was running fourth in the closing laps when his engineer got on the radio and told him he was short one lap of fuel and he had to slow down so he would have enough gas to finish the race.  Heartbreaking for Ferrari fans.  And worrying for Alonso fans who are pretty sure their man is Ferrari-bound sometime in the next two years.  Ferrari seems to be making a lot of mistakes on the pit wall lately, and this is not a good thing.

This makes four wins for Our Jense.  He must be very pleased.  It’s a long season, but it definitely looks like he will be a contender for the title.

Alonso came in fifth, passing the crippled Massa on the last lap.  Meanwhile his teammate Nelson Piquet Jr. finished twelfth.  That is not good, not good at all.  Flavio Briatore, the Renault team boss has started making supportive noises about Piquet.  That probably means he’s as good as gone.


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