Running late

I have a small complaint.  It may not seem like much but it is looming large in my consciousness right now. 

That complaint is Princess O’s softball coach seems to have trouble getting to practice on time.  Twice now she has said practice would be at five, and has rolled in later than that.  

The first time she did it, she didn’t show up until 5:30.  Today she was about 15 minutes late.  Yes, it was only two practices, but she’s only had about five practices in total to begin with, so those aren’t particularly good on-time numbers.

Now, I realize these girls are 10 and 11 years old, and are mildly to moderately responsible kids.  But, in my opinion, they should not be running around the softball diamond without adult supervision.  They have bats for crying out loud.  This is kind of a safety issue for me.

I just wish she wouldn’t tell us to be there at five if she thinks she is going to have trouble getting there by five.  It seems like a small thing.  Meanwhile, I just wait around until somebody shows up before I leave.  It is kind of getting on my nerves.


One thought on “Running late

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