Little League update

You know you have been to too many little league games when you find yourself yelling things at the Cubs on TV.  Things like “force at first and second guys” and “get your bat back, get your elbow up”, and of course who can forget these classics “call it call it CALL IT!” and “cover home COVER HOME!”

Well, the Little League season is a week old now, and the Rangers (AAA) have played three games.  We are 0-3 but we are getting better every game. I fully expect to win one any time now.

The C-Man has been playing some left field and some second base.  He made a nice play at second last night.  He made the play in the infield and remembered to throw the ball to the shortstop who was covering second.  Everybody cheered.  He was pleased.

At the plate, he is going with the timed tested don’t-swing-at-anything strategy.  You would be surprised how effective that strategy is at this level.  None of these boys exactly have pinpoint control on the mound.  It has worked pretty well, but I suspect his coach is getting frustrated with it.

His next game is tomorrow.  Tonight he has practice at one park, and The Princess has practice at another park.  Practice for her tonight is the pitching clinic which means I have to stay with her and catch for her.  I am not excited about this.  I am not sure I want her pitching.  I suppose it’s better than catching though.  I suspect that is what she really wants to do.  I hate the idea.  It sounds like a good way to get hurt to me. 

Here is a picture of the C-man in his uniform.  I’ll try to get a better one at the next game.



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