I think I need this

Formula 1 day again today.  Sorry mom.

There is a new F1 video game in the pipeline.  It is supposed to be ready this fall.

Here is the trailer

Did you know video games had trailers?  I did not.  Shows you what I know about video games.  Not much.

Judging from the ad and this article on Formula1.com it does not look like it will be available for Nintendo DS.  This is unfortunate because Nintendo DS is the only kind of video game system we have.

The truly sad and pathetic thing is, I am seriously considering getting a Wii just so I can play this game.  And I have sworn up and down that I would never EVER get a Wii.  I guess that proves the point that you should never say never huh?  And even if I get a Wii and get this game I know I will be terrible at it.  Worse than terrible.  I am no good at video games at all, and many of them make me motion sick.  So I probably can’t even play this game, but I really really really want it.  Is that so wrong?

I once had a dream that I was playing an F1 video game with Fernando Alonso, and I was really mad at him because he wouldn’t let me be him in the game.  I had to be Yuji Ide instead.  It did not go well.


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