It’s all getting a bit crazy around here

Today was one of those days.  One of those days that required split second timing. 

The Princess had riding until about 5pm.  The C-man had a baseball game at 6pm, but needed to be there for warm-ups at 5:30. 

Okay, we can do this.  We can leave the stables at 5 and – if we hit all green lights – we can be home about 10 minutes later.  That gives the C-man just about enough time to eat a lunchable (mom of the year) and get his uniform on.  Then, green lights permitting, we could get to the field in time.

We arrived at home and began executing our plan.  The C-man tucked into his “dinner” while I threw Princess O’s lunchable in the cooler along with a yogurt and a Diet Coke for me.  I don’t like yogurt much, but I am trying to learn to like yogurt because it’s so good for you.  Anyway, I can usually choke it down if I eat it fast enough.  I’ll give it a week and then I’m giving up.

But I digress, The C-man took approximately 7 minutes longer to eat and get ready than I anticipated.  So I knew we would be a little late.  Getting stuck behind a slow car in the left lane made ups a little later, as did red lights (darn it!).  But we managed to get there, and only 10 minutes behind schedule.  Whew!

Now the C-Man’s uniform is in the washer because he has another game tomorrow at 11:15.  Then practice on Sunday.  Then Her Royal Highness has practice on Monday, The C-man has a game on Thursday, Princess O has practice on Thursday and then another game for the C-man on Saturday.  Are you tired yet?

I think I need to buy more lunchables.


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