Wild kingdom

There is a robin building a nest in our garage.  This is not as surprising as you might think.  Our garage is in pretty sorry shape.  In fact it is an insult to garages everywhere to refer to the building that sits on the end of our driveway as a garage.  Four walls and a leaky roof would be a better description.

A family of chipmunks has also taken up residence, but they have been in there for a while.  The robin is new.  At first he/she (I’m not sure which gender is in charge of nest building) was constructing their nest right over the door.  Tom knocked that one down.  Not to be deterred, the robin has started anew, this time over the garage window. 

This is unfortunate for the robin because we are tearing down the garage this summer and building a shiny new one.  One that we can actually put the cars in.  So, we are preparing for the contractors to descend.

I’ve already ordered a dumpster so Tom can throw out all our junk (I’m not going in there, there are chipmunks and robins in there).  I am also investigating storage options for the bikes and other things we will need to access while the new building is under construction.  So far we have no clear front-runner in that category. 

The other thing on my to do list is find a home for the too small blue bike and the tricycle that is still floating around in there somewhere.

And of course, we need to convince the robin that our old garage is a very terrible place to build a nest.  I am worried about him/her.  I would hate to have them knock the garage over after there are eggs in it.  To accomplish this goal I have told the children to go in and out of there as much as possible and make a lot of noise. 

They have also been instructed to knock on the outside of the winder just under the nest.  Maybe we can convince him that he has chosen a terrible neighborhood and he will fly away.

Otherwise, we will just have to knock this nest down too.  And keep doing it until he gives up.  I feel terrible about it.


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