It’s a beautiful day for a ballgame

NOT!  It was Little League opening day here today.  The temperature was a whopping 47 degrees and it was raining.  Ah, nothing beats an afternoon at the old ballpark.  I’m sorry, I really should take that tone out of my voice.

The C-man and I arrived at the field just before 1pm for our team pictures.  Once that was done we beat a hasty retreat to the restrooms, which were heated.  The C-man put his long sleeved shirt on under his jersey shirt, we girded our loins, and headed forth into the rainy field of play.

It was a rough game.  Tom and Princess O came out and joined us for the first inning or so and then went home like sensible people. 

After about an inning and a half the C-man appeared at my side and said he was FREEZING (he was too, his lips were blue).  We went back to the bathrooms and I gave him my sweatshirt.  Now he was wearing all the extra clothes.  Luckily for me I was wearing a parka, so sitting around in my t-shirt wasn’t so bad.

I went and helped out in the dugout at that point.  Mostly I wrapped children in blankets and rubbed backs.  Everybody was freezing, even the coaches.  At one point C-man turned to me and said “mom, what’s hypothermia?”  I assured him it wasn’t really cold enough for that.

When the fourth inning started I heard one coach say happily that this would be the last inning because we were out of time. 

After the top of the 4th our catcher came back into the dugout so cold he couldn’t get his catcher’s gear off.  He couldn’t move his hands.   But, the end was in sight.

We made it through the bottom of the fourth without incident and it was time to go home!  The coach didn’t even have a post-game talk with the team.  He just said “make sure you have all your stuff, I’ll see you Monday”.

A quick detour to the snack bar on the way to the parking lot yielded a bag of chips and nine Laffy Taffy’s for the boy. 

We blasted the heat in the car all the way home.  

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