Odds and Ends-time management edition

Yesterday was interesting.  I had book club at 7, and both children had baseball practice until 7:30.  At opposite ends of town.  So Tom had to do the pick one up a little early and the other one up a little late. 

Of course, when I got The Princess to the park she was supposed to practice at there was already a group using the field.  So they decided to practice at another park, even more on the opposite side of town. 

I had to call Tom on his cell phone (praying all the while that he actually had it with him) to tell him of the change in plans so he would go to the correct park to get Her Royal Highness.  I was so frazzled by it all that I accidentally called my brother instead.  But it was nice to talk to him.


Tomorrow The Princess has an orchestra concert.  That should be interesting.  She has softball practice at 5, The C-man has practice at 4:30, and the Princess has to be at school for the concert at 6:20 (did I mention that practices goes until 6:30?)  The concert starts at 7pm, the same time as the C-man’s Cub Scout meeting.  I think we need to get ourselves cloned.  At the very least we need some Mini Me’s


The C-Man’s first game is Saturday.  Fasten your seatbelts.  It only gets crazier from here.




One thought on “Odds and Ends-time management edition

  1. Oh lawrd, why does it sound so much like my life???? the stress level of trying to manage our time as a parent and work at home (for me, that is) business person can be…..INSANE!

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