The Chinese Grand Prix report

Well, the race didn’t end behind the safety car, so that made a nice change. Instead, it started behind the safety car.

A steady rain and a lot of water on the track meant a standing start was far too dangerous.  Instead they started behind the safety car, and just rolled around in a wet parade for a while. 

Let me just say right now that I HATE wet races.  I know a lot of F1 fans love them, and find them very exciting, but I just find them nerve-wracking.  I spend the whole race yelling “BE CAREFUL” at the TV and worrying that somebody is going to have a crash and get hurt.

Fernando Alonso brought his Renault into the pits on lap seven while the safety car was still out.  He had started the race from P2, which was very exciting, but he was very very light on fuel.  Of course once he was in the pits they announced that the safety car would be coming in on the next lap.  Dammit!  That put Alonso in last place for the restart.  Not a good place to be.

So the safety car came in and the cars started going fast.  Not that you could tell because all the camera lenses were soaking wet and you could hardly see anything.  Sebastian Vettel was leading in his Red Bull.  He has started from pole position.  Red Bull’s first pole I might add, and his teammate Mark Webber was second. 

Meanwhile it continued to rain and rain and rain.  At one time the camera shot showed nothing but grey, there was so much water on the camera lens, and so much spray coming off the cars that you couldn’t see anything.  Now that’s compelling television. 

On lap 17 Robert Kubica’s BMW ran right into the back of Jarno Trulli’s Toyota.  Kubica didn’t just rear end Trulli, his car drove right up the back of the Toyota.  That could have been nasty but thankfully nobody got hurt.  Cue the safety car!

Trulli was done for the day at that point.  His car was totaled.  And Felipe Massa stopped his car on track behind the safety car a couple laps later.  Oh no!  The Ferrari team is having a terrible year.  It’s starting to make me wonder if Alonso going to Ferrari next year or 2011 is such a good idea.

The race seemed like it was taking forever.  I was a bucket of nerves.  Alonso spun his Renault but managed to get it back.  Nelson Piquet Jr lost control of his car a couple laps before that and planted it good.  No safety car but chalk up yet another DNF for old junior.

With 18 laps to go it looked like a dry line was finally forming.  But it didn’t seem to last long and after a couple laps the rain must have picked up again because it disappeared. 

In the end the big winner was Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull.  It was Red Bull’s maiden win.  Last year Vettel got the maiden win for Scuderia Torro Rosso, the Red Bull B team.  His teammate Mark Webber came in second.  I don’t have to tell you it was Red Bull’s best result ever.  Jenson Button came in third for Brawn GP. 

Alonso finished 9th in the end.  Tragic.  If only it hadn’t rained.   I had such high hopes for him this weekend.

Lewis Hamilton spun his McLaren right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round.  I think he spun it five times.  And yet Peter Windsor on speed continued to go on and on about Hamilton’s almost supernatural abilities in the rain.  Hmmm…not so much today huh Peter?  He ended up finishing 6th.  Maybe he was thinking he had to try and score as many points as possible since he is staring down the barrel of a potential race ban after the World Motor Sport Council hearing on April 29.


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