Here’s another mystery for you

Why on earth would you need to have a butcher shop  inside a Major League Ballpark?  They have one at the shiny new Yankee Stadium.


“And, for Ruth and Mickey and Joe D’s sake, the Lobel’s stand that sells hunks of uncooked meat. In a stadium. Four ribeyes for $120.”


I have to wonder, are there grills?  Are you supposed to be able to grill your (very overpriced) steaks as you watch the game?  Or are you supposed to take them with you and cook them later in the privacy of your own home?  If so, I guess you should bring a cooler to keep the E. Coli from taking over before you get home.

They also have a farmers market.  A farmers market!  Inside the ballpark.  Does this seem ridiculous to anybody else?

ESPN did a piece on SportsCenter yesterday about the price of tickets at the new Yankee Shopping Mall – I mean Yankee Stadium.  They said the top tier seats, the ones right behind home plate, are over $2,600 each.  And that’s face value people.  God only knows what they will go for on StubHub.  Why would you spend that much money going to a ballgame and then spend the whole game wandering around the concourse buying steaks and bananas? 

Just wondering…


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