Whew! What a day.

I fed the children lunchables for dinner tonight.  Oh yeah, hand over that Mother of the Year crown.  That baby is mine, mine I tell you!

It was a crazy day.  First I had to take The Princess in to the doctor to make sure she does not have strep throat (she doesn’t).  Next stop the Super Wal Mart (I hate Wal Mart) to get some groceries I forgot and bug spray.  Why did I need bug spray?  Because the C-man and I were hiking tonight with Cub Scouts.  Oh joy.  Rapture.

Come home, eat a quick lunch and throw some chicken in the crock pot.  Realize that I forgot to get bug spray.  ARGH!

Then it was time to pick up the kids from school.  Yes, I took the Princess to school with a non-streppy sore throat.  I am a bad, bad mommy.  Bring them home, feed them a snack and then back in the car to take the C-man to baseball practice.  Stop at Target on the way home to get bug spray.

Next up, dinner.  Crock pot chicken for Tom and I, a lunchable for Her Royal Highness.  The C-man would eat after practice.

Tom took The Princess to her softball practice at 6.  I left at the same time to pick the C-man up.  He and I made a quick stop at home and a poured a lunchable down his throat and then off to scouts!

We were hiking.  Well, I guess it wasn’t actually hiking.  More like a walk in the woods.  But it still required being outside.  I don’t like outside much.  It’s cold, it’s buggy and there are bats.  Okay, there aren’t any bats yet, but you know they are coming.  And I don’t approve of bats. 

So I’m exhausted.  I think I need a sophisticated adult beverage. 


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