Easter Eggs

We did two dozen Easter Eggs last weekend.  I am hoping that will be sufficient.  For the record I don’t recommend the Tie Dye kit.  It is just some super-concentrated food coloring with an eyedropper and plastic baggies.  You put an egg in the baggie, the drip in a few drops of the color of your choice and smear it around.  It seems to be much better at getting egg dye on the children than it is at getting egg dye on the eggs.

Today I managed to find the Easter Baskets, and made Jello eggs with my jello egg mold.  Unfortunately I spilled quite a bit of the jello so the eggs will be a bit small.  And there is a lot of jello to clean up in the pan.  Sigh.

Tomorrow the Easter Bunny cometh.  I think I have everything ready.  I got them gift cards to Build a Bear Workshop.  I thought I was being so clever and got them online.  They came in E-cards, but I cannot get them to print out with the cute pictures on them.  I am not sure what I am going to do about that.  I guess I will figure it out tonight once the kiddies are in bed.


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