Another one bites the dust

Our DVD players has died a mysterious death.  RIP DVD player.  I really have no idea what happened.  We used to go through these things with some frequency, but I think we’ve had this one about three or four years.  That’s a long time for us.

We were getting ready to go to the library and I asked the C-man to retrieve the DVD from the player so we could return it.  He went in there as requested, but after a couple minutes he came out and told me he couldn’t get the DVD out.

So grumblegrumblegrumble I went walking to the TV room muttering under my breath all the way.  Grumblegrumble…can’t do anything for themselves… grumblegrumble …have to do everything around here.  You know how it goes.  

When I reached the DVD player I noticed that the light on the power button was blinking on and off in a manner I had never seen before.  Hmmm, suspicious.  I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, hoping that the DVD player would magically fix itself.  Don’t laugh, it’s happened before.

But that didn’t work, and  I began to fear the worst.  I began to suspect that was well and truly busted.  Of course, I still had to retrieve the library’s DVD.  Once I had unplugged it a second time I got out my trusty screwdriver and started dismantling it.  While I did that I called my sister for moral support and a chance to complain.  When I finally got all the screws out and popped the top I was greeted with that hot electronics smell.  You know the one.  Yep, the DVD player is well and truly fried.  I managed to pry out the library copy of Batman and we were on our way.

Tomorrow’s to do list has suddenly changed.  I will have to get a new DVD player.  Immediately.  I still want to watch Twilight one more time before I send it back to Netflix (somebody please help me) and Tom and I were planning on watching the Towering Inferno this weekend.  We have stared on a cheesy 70’s disaster film festival.  Of  course none of this will be possible without the appropriate hardware.  I will be off to Best Buy in the morning.


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