Waiting for the cable guy

Waiting for the cable guy

I seem to be doing this a lot lately. He was just here last Thursday to fix an issue we were having with our DVR. He seems to have fixed that one, but now we are having another problem. The stupid thing is cutting off the last five minutes of everything it records. Oooh, I was so mad. Hell hath no fury like a woman who has missed the end of the second-to-last episode of ER.

I called them last Friday night to politely explain my dilemma. The worker bee on the phone tried resetting the box, but that didn’t help. So, he apologized profusely and told me he would send out a technician. On Friday, April 3. A full week from the time I called.

Needless to say I was not happy with this arrangement. I pointed out that it had never taken a full week to get an appointment before, and that this meant that basically my DVR was useless until Friday since I would not be able to watch the end of anything. Call me crazy, but if I’ve invested an hour of my time in a showgram, I want to see how it ended. I’m just a little wacky that way I guess. All he could do was keep apologizing and reading from his script.

Poor guy, I tried really hard to be polite to him. I know it wasn’t his fault, and that he has a really really sucky job. However, I did mention that I was not happy with this level of customer service, and I might have mentioned that I would be looking at other television viewing options. Like satellite, or dumping their stupid DVR and going back to TiVo.

When I got off the phone with him I wrote a stern E-mail to Mediacom and sent it off. The form said I would hear from them in 24 hours. Well, I finally heard from them on Monday, but they didn’t say anything about the problem I was actually complaining about, the fact that it was taking such a ridiculously long time to get a technician to come to my house.

So that’s it in a nutshell. I have of course adjusted my DVR to add an extra 10 minutes to everything so I don’t miss the end of something important, like the American Idol results show, but I don’t consider this a satisfactory solution to my problem.

Ah, but this story (which I have been writing in fits of rage all week) has a happy ending. Somebody from Mediacom called today and asked if the DVR was still broken. I wanted to say “no it miraculously fixed itself” in my most sarcastic voice. But I did not. I politely explained my problem, and she said right I can fix that.

Then she told me to be sure my TV was off. She zapped the box somehow and told me to just pick a random show to record and she would call me back in a couple hours to see if it was working. And she said if it wasn’t she would send someone out to replace the box. Amazing!

And it worked! The DVR is fully functional again. Oh happy day. Just in time for the ER finale and the Malaysian Grand Prix.


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