What we did on Sunday

Each of the children got a dig-your-own-dinsaur kit/toy/thing for Christmas. This is essentially a block of some mystery material that has plastic dinosaur bones inside it somewhere.  It comes with a little chisel and brush so you can excavate them yourself.  Cool.

Since they had so many other things going on at Christmas, I put the dino digs away for a rainy day.  Well, they found them on Saturday, and asked if they could dig out dinosaur bones after lunch.  I told them that was fine but it would probably mean forsaking the pool this afternoon.  Both children agreed that this was fine.

So I laid some newspaper down on the table, unwrapped their blocks o’ mystery material (I suspect it was chalk) and told them to do their worst.  Oh my gosh what an unholy mess.

The C-man gave up on his about halfway through.  Here is a picture of his dinosaur, safely encased in a zip-top baggie.


Here is Princess O’s dinosaur, partially assembled.


Here is the unholy mess they left behind.


disaster on the dining room table


chalk dust on the chair

chalk dust on the chair

There was dust all over the floor too, but you can’t really see it in the photos.  It took three Swiffer Wet cloths, one very dirty dishcloth and one load of laundry to clean it up. 

When the C-man decides to finish his, I think I will have him work outside.


2 thoughts on “What we did on Sunday

  1. It was a FABulous idea. They had a great time. My fault entirely, I just hadn’t anticipated the chalk would spread quite like that.

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