The waiting is the hardest part

Oh, Tom Petty, it’s so true.  I will be watching the first Formula One race of the season tonight after the children are in bed.  I like to wait until then so I can really Focus and Concentrate on the spectacle before me.

I suppose I could watch live but the race started at something like one o’clock this morning and that is just not a good time for me.  Besides, I like to time-shift them.  It makes for a long Sunday, but it also means that if things go horribly wrong it doesn’t wreck my whole day, just an hour or so until bedtime.  It also means I don’t have to watch the commercials.

I have come up with elaborate coping strategies to pass the time on race weekends.  I do a lot of laundry, I take the children to the library or the pool or anything else I can think of.  Today I will be cleaning like a madwoman so Tom won’t see how quickly things devolve in his absence.  I also try to get some writing done.  I already have two blog posts written and one more percolating.  I am being so productive.

Cooking elaborate or complicated meals is another excellent coping strategy.  I make a lot of pizza on race weekends, much to Princess O’s dismay.  Tom, in one of his Mr. Science moments told the children that yeast is alive and that it’s yeast farts that make the dough rise.  That put The Princess right off homemade pizza.  Funnily enough she doesn’t seem to have made the connection that the same holds true for all leavened bread, and she seems to like my dad’s pizza just fine.  But, of course his is much better than mine.

There are other projects awaiting my attention too.  Maybe this season I will finally get my Italian photos organized, and move all the DVDs upstairs into one of those 3-ring binder storage thingies.  Yes, that is the technical name for it.  And of course there’s always Hell Blanket II.



Race day pedicures back in action.  Ferrari red for the Princess and Houston Astros – I mean, ING Renault – orange for me.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find orange nail polish?  And it is so not cute.  I liked the dark blue from last year much better.

So I have my race day pedicure, and I’m wearing my old-school Renault t-shirt.  The only thing left to do is wait until these pesky children go to bed to I can sit back with my Doritos and watch all the action. 

Go Alonso go!

Note:  If you have already seen the race and plan to comment here, do NOT tell me what happened.  I hate spoilers.


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