Knitting and dancing

I have had a complaint from one of my readers saying that I blog about Formula 1 too much.  Apparently this reader would prefer an all-children-all-the-time format.  Well, that’s all fine and dandy when the children are doing something interesting.

However, lately all they are doing is arguing about things like whose turn it is to lie on the comfy couch, and who has to turn off the television.  It’s not exactly riveting material, and I really don’t think anybody wants to read that.  I know I don’t want to write it.

It’s been particularly gruesome lately because tomorrow is the C-Man’s birthday.  This means that the universe has shifted slightly and is now revolving around the C-man instead of Her Royal Highness.  She does not approve and is happy to make her feelings about this known to anyone and everyone.

So, anyway, on to today’s post.  We have entered prime-time knitting territory with all the reality TV I have been watching.  Dancing with the Stars is perfect for knitting.  You can just listen to all the little video clips and the judges comments and only have to look up for the dances.  I am getting a lot done.

Here is Hell Blanket II. 


This one is for the Princess.  It is slightly less hideous than Hell Blanket I but still not my favorite.  I’m sure most of that is the yarn I’m using.  It’s fine but it’s not my favorite.  Plus I have lots of other projects I want to be working on, but I am apparently a knitting monogamist, and can only have one project going at a time.  This is too bad because I have a lot of ideas right now.

I’ll post more photos when I finish it.  It shouldn’t be long.  There are many episodes of DWTS and American Idol coming up.  Not to mention the Formula 1 season and baseball season.  Baseball is great for knitting.  F1 not so much.  I get all worked up and pull the yarn too tight.  


One thought on “Knitting and dancing

  1. That’s funny that you pull the yarn to tight when watching formula 1. There are definately shows you can’t knit to. Like the hell blanket, especially the name!

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