What to do?

I am having a fashion conundrum.  Alright, it really doesn’t have anything to do with what most people would consider fashion, but it is a conundrum nonetheless. 

I just received an Email from the Renault F1 team thoughtfully telling me that the new 2009 team t-shirts are available for purchase in their online shop!  Oh how exciting! 

Several years ago Tom bought me a Renault t-shirt, and I have been faithfully wearing it on race days ever since.  Well, except for 2007.  Back in 2007 I foolishly purchased not one but two McLaren t-shirts in honor of Alonso’s switch to that team.  However, he was only there for one year, and those shirts became the world’s most expensive pajamas.

Now, I am trying to decide if I should get a new t-shirt.  I kind of need one.  The decals on my old one are starting to crack.

The problem is, the shirts are so dramatically ugly.  Here is a photo




They are also unholy expensive, especially when you consider that they are covered in advertising logos.  Frankly, if I am wearing that many ads on my shirt I think they should be paying me.

Of course, the old shirt was also covered in logos, but it was cuter, or at least less ugly, and it didn’t look quire so much like a uniform shirt from a fast food restaurant.

Here I am modeling my old shirt in Montreal last summer.


This is made even more complicated by the fact that even though Alonso has a contract through 2010 with Renault, it looks mildly to moderately likely that he could be at Ferrari next year.  Meaning more expensive pajamas.

Oh I just don’t know what to do.

(I promise I will stop talking about F1 quite so much once the season starts. I’m a little obsessed right now.)


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