Party accomplished

No carrots were harmed during the making of this blog post.

As predicted, the carrots were not a big hit.  Even the lure of Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing wasn’t enough to entice even one child to eat even one carrot.  Well, at least I tried.

It turned out to be a quiet party with just the C-man and two of his friends.  So it wasn’t so much a birthday party as it was a playdate with cake and ice cream attached.  But the C-man seemed happy with the situation, and who would really complain about having fewer nine-year-old boys in the house?

They played, we ate pizza, they played some more.  When they were hungry again I broke out the cake and ice cream.  


Stupid grocery store cake

Stupid grocery store cake

Then they played some more.  The C-man also opened his presents.  He got some Legos and a science experiment kit that comes complete with test tubes. Ooooh. 

We have already completed one science experiment involving vinegar and baking soda, and now the C-man is upstairs putting his Lego cement mixer together.  He is trying to do it all by himself.  So far, that seems to be going just fine. 

Now I am tired, and not in the mood to make dinner.  Luckily there are leftovers from last night so I don’t have to.  Oh, and plenty of baby carrots.  


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