Planning the birthday party

I am planning the C-Man’s birthday party.  It’s tomorrow.  I’ll admit I have kind of left all this to the last minute, but really, a child’s birthday party is not that hard to plan.

The theme will be Super Mario Brothers.  We have purchased plates, cups, etc from a party supply store.  We also have some kind of Super Mario Brothers noise makers for the goody bags.

He invited four boys from his class at school.  So far two of them have RSVP’d.  In this town often people don’t respond unless they are not coming, so I am assuming the other two boys will also be attending.  But let me just say I think there should be a special circle in Dante’s Inferno for people who do not RSVP to parties.  Sorry, this is a big pet peeve of mine.  I’m sure you will hear about it again when I am planning the next party in June.

We will be having pizza from Pappa John’s for lunch at the party because that is what The Boy wanted and baby carrots, because I could not in good conscience just serve pizza.  I’m sure those will go uneaten despite the fact that I even bought ranch dressing for them.

For dessert we will be having a big stupid grocery store cake with balloons made out of frosting.  I had been looking forward to making The C-man a cake today.  I could have made any flavor he wanted.  Or, really if I’m being honest any flavor Betty Crocker offers.  But, no, he wanted the store bought cake.  Sigh.  I suppose I should look on the bright side.  At least I don’t have to decorate it.  I am terrible at decorating cakes.  My sister got all the cake decorating genes.  But that doesn’t help me because she lives in Chicago.

We will also be having the NASCAR checkered flag ice cream.  I can’t reember what brand, but it is chocolate and vanilla ice cream in a checkered format.  Very cool. 

The Princess, meanwhile, has her nose out of joint because it is not her birthday yet.  We go through this every year, and every year I think she should just get over it, but she never does. 

By this time tomorrow it will all be over.  And I will be serving leftover cake and ice cream with dinner.  


One thought on “Planning the birthday party

  1. And carrots. You forgot there will be lots and lots and lots of baby carrots at dinner tomorrow night. 😉 That part made me laugh.

    Happy Birthday C Man!

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