Another spring break comes to a close

Today was our last day in the city.  Aww, that’s sad.  Tom picked us up at my sister’s this morning and we went to the Field Museum  The original plan was to meet at the museum, but since the children were so freaked out by my ability to navigate in Chicago, Tom volunteered to come get us.  I consider this a failure on the children’s part.  I totally could have made the trip to the Field Museum, but no, they don’t trust me.

We saw dinosaurs!  And pirates!  And mummies!  And other stuff!  Of course the best part was lunch at McDonalds in the basement.  They accidentally gave us super size meals.  For the children that was like Christmas!  Just so you know, that’s a lot of coca-cola for a ten year old.

Once the children had both come down with a bad case of Museum Feet we hit the gift shop and hit the road.

It was still early so we took Lake Shore Drive up to Wrigley Field.  We said we wanted to show it to The C-Man and The Princess but really it was Tom and I who wanted to see it.  They are clearly gearing up for Opening Day.  They were painting the marquee, and working on the scoreboard.

The best part was around back.  We drove past the outfield gates, and saw that they were re-sodding the infield.  So Tom stopped the car and the kids and I jumped out to take a peek.  Oooh, it’s amost baseball season, I can’t wait!

Now I am trying to gather up all the stuff that has somehow exploded all over the house.  Tomorrow we will hit the road and go back to Iowa. 


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