Heaven on a bun

Ahhh, Portillo’s Italian Beef.  Is there anything it can’t do?

I had a six inch Sammie with sweet peppers, dipped for dinner.  If you ask for your sandwich dipped they take the whole, fully assembled sandwich, and dip it in the juice that the beef has been cooking in.  It makes the bead all nice and squishy. 

Ohh it was so good.  I could smell the deliciousness while it was still in the bag.  And then I unwrapped it from it’s wax paper packaging and there it was, sweet nectar of the gods.  It is beefy, it is salty, it is sweet (from the peppers), it is gooey (I had it dipped remember?).  It is quite simply the best thing you will ever eat.  If I ever find out I am dying from some dread disease, I will move back to Chicago and I will have a sammich from Portillos every day. 

When you visit Chicago, you must, Must, MUST go to Portillos.  And you must have the Italian Beef.  It is the best I’ve ever had.  And believe me when I say, I have eaten a LOT of Italian Beef in my time.

I have been trying to find a way to make it at home.  I have a recipe that is almost right, but not quite.  The trick is finding the right bread.  You really need this bread


That little guy front and center is the one you want.


It is called, for some strange reason, Gonilla bread.  But, of course you can only get it in Chicago.   And if I was in Chicago, I wouldn’t need to make Italian Beef, I could go out and get it like any sensible person would.   


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