Minnesota Twins tickets went on sale last Saturday.  I had checked the schedule ahead of time and discovered that the Twins are playing a day game against the Red Sox on Memorial Day.  How handy.

So I mention this to Tom and ask him if he will be home from his conference by then.  He tells me yes.

With that information in hand, I went ahead and ordered tickets.  Let me tell you, buying Twins tickets is a vastly different experience to buying Cubs tickets.  You don’t have to just grab the first tickets they offer you, you can actually spend some time considering your options.  And you can do this secure in the knowledge that they probably will not sell out that game in the meantime. 

We will be sitting in the family section.  It’s in the upper deck, and they are probably not the best seats, but each ticket in the family section comes with a hot dog and a soft drink.  Perfect!  A game and lunch all for one low low price. 

Anyway, I got the tickets and then started looking for a hotel in the Minneapolis Metropolitan Area.  I am about to book the hotel (remember, I have already bought the tickets) when Tom asks me “are you sure I’m home from Germany by then”  I paused for several seconds and replied “you said you would be”.  His response to that was “I guess I’d better check”. 

Well, guess what?  He’s not back from Germany yet. So it looks like the kids and I will be flying solo to see the Red Sox (that’s who we really want to see, the Red Sox, not so much the Twins).  I don’t mind it’s easy enough to take them around by myself.  I managed to spend a whole semester guiding them around Rome solo most of the time without losing either of them.  But I feel bad because Tom is the real Red Sox fan in our family, and now he can’t go.  I guess I will have to buy him a program or something.


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