I think I have a Reality TV problem.

Dancing with the Stars is on tonight.  Dancing with the Stars is on Right NOW!  Gahh!  Actually, there is no reason to panic I’m recording it.  I would rather watch it after the children go to bed so I can really Focus.  I love this show.  This will be my second season watching it.  I started last season.  My sister made me do it because she wanted somebody else to talk to about the show.  

She is also responsible for my Project Runway addiction.  This winter she also tried to get me to watch The Biggest Loser, but I held firm and have not been watching it.  So, you see I really can stop anytime I want.

But I digress.  I will, of course, be rooting for Shawn Johnson.  She’s practically a local girl.  I hope she does well.  Oooh, I can’t wait.  I wish these stinky children would go to bed already!

Starting tonight, I am in a serious Reality TV overload.  I have Dancing with the Stars tonight; the DWTS results show tomorrow, at the same time as American Idol.  Then the American Idol results show on Wednesday.  Then on Thursday the DVR is really smoking.  I have Survivor, The Office and ER.  Whew!  I am exhausted just thinking about all that TV-watching I have ahead of me. 

But soon all these shows will be over.  And it will just be all baseball and racing, all the time.


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