Danger! Knitting ahead

I bet I’m the only one around here who’s done this

The other day I actually stabbed myself in the hand with a knitting needle.  I am not even kidding.  I reached down to pick up my knitting, apparently with a little more force than usual, and the tip of one of the needles went right into my hand.  Ouch.  And all this time I thought that was impossible.  Silly me.

The good news is it didn’t do much damage.  I mean, without getting too ishy, it didn’t do much more than break the surface.  I just went “Aaahh! (insert bad words here)” and pulled it out again.  And it was just a size one needle.  Those are very tiny.  The last bit of good news is that it wasn’t a wooden knitting needle, which I suspect would have broken.  I suspect that would have been a slightly bigger problem.

Today it just kind of looks like a mosquito bite.  And I didn’t even get blood on the yarn.  I was pleased about that. 

Here is a picture of Sock One.


 Sock two is still on the needles.  I am so done with these socks, but unfortunately, I am not finished, if you know what I mean.  This yarn did not knit up quite as cute as I thought it would, and it has been fighting me every step of the way.  I don’t think it wants to be socks, but since it is sock yarn, it doesn’t have much choice. 


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