I watched part of Aliens last night.  Oh, there are not words to describe how much I love this movie.  I love it so much in fact, that my brother quoted it on my wedding video.  And this is what he said:


“10-millimeter exploding-tip caseless standard light armor piercing round, why?”

It has to be one of the most obscure lines in the movie, but we both know it.  I tried to find it for you on YouTube but I failed.  

Here is the trailer instead

That beeping noise the motion detectors make is still one of the scariest sounds I have ever heard. 

If you haven’t ever seen this I highly, highly recommend it.  In fact, if you have the time I could probably recite the whole movie for you from beginning to end.  When I was watching it I found myself mumbling along with the dialog.  Tom hates that.  But he won’t watch Aliens with me anymore so it doesn’t matter if I am engaging in annoying behavior or not. 

It’s just too bad that I never got to see it on the big screen.



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