USF1- it’s official!

Wow, from high fashion and the Oscars to Formula One in the space of 24 hours.  This blog changes direction with neck-snapping speeds.  You should be careful.  Maybe you should wear a H.A.N.S. Device.

So today was the day we had been waiting for.  The day Peter Windsor and Ken Anderson would announce their plans for an all-new all-American Formula One team.  They had a press conference on Speed TV this morning, and we didn’t learn anything new.  Or at least, not anything anybody who could Google USF1 couldn’t have found out on their own.

Their to-do list seems to read; get sponsors, find a facility, find an engine supplier, build a chassis (please pass the carbon fiber) and get some drivers.

They didn’t mention a single sponsor by name, which leads me to believe they don’t have any yet.  They are going to need some.  Even with all the new cost-cutting measures Max Mosley has put in place you can’t finance an F1 team with the change you find in the couch cushions.  So, unless either Peter or Ken has a money tree in their backyard, they are going to need cash, and a lot of it. 

I have been trying to think of possible US sponsors.  They would have to be American companies, but companies who want to reach a global market.  And they have to have a lot of money floating around.  Apple, McDonalds, and Coca Cola all spring to mind.   I am assuming that airlines and US car manufacturers are not options.

Then there is the question of drivers.  Peter said they definitely want American drivers.  He mentioned the following drivers by name:

Alex Rossi, Conor Daly, Josef Newgarde and Gabby Chavez.  I believe they are all in the Formula BMW series now.  He also mentioned Jonathan Summerton from A1GP  And then of course there is Marco Andretti, whose grandfather Mario made quite the sales pitch for young Marco during today’s festivities. 

And let’s not forget Scott Speed, a veteran of 20 F1 races, he is currently in NASCAR.  Peter also mentioned Kyle Busch, Danica Patrick, and Graham Rahal.  So it looks like they have plenty to choose from.  The question will be how many of them want the job.

As far as engines are concerned, I am guessing they will buy engines from BMW.  America is a huge chunk of BMW’s market, and they don’t sell customer engines to any other teams yet. 

They still have a lot to do, but they sounded serious as a heart attack about being ready for the 2010 season.  I really hope they can put it together.  And then maybe we can get the US Grand Prix back.

You can read the transcript of the press conference here.

USF1’s official website is here

Ooh, this is all so exciting.

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