The Oscars

Well, I did it.  I managed to stay awake for the whole Oscar show. 


I liked Hugh Jackman much more than I thought I would.  Loved the Billy Crystal style opening number.  But wasn’t Anne Hathaway wearing a different dress on the Red Carpet?  Oh, yes she was, she changed back into that one again after the opening number.    She looked beautiful, and I loved the dress, but it seems like we get the same look from her every time.  Here it is:



I loved the montage reels of past winners saying thank you, those were pretty cool.

I did not like the way they presented the nominees for the actor’s awards.  It was like listening to what people wrote in their high school yearbooks.  Bring me clips!  I haven’t seen any of these movies, and I probably won’t see any of them.  Slumdog Millionaire?  Too violent.  The Reader?  Too bleak.  The Wrestler?  Yuk.  A few clips would have gone a long way  And you wouldn’t have had to watch the nominees sitting there listening to the presenters gush.  It was just uncomfortable.

 Oh, Miley Cyrus, what are you wearing?  Once again she just gets it all wrong.  Her hair and makeup were cute, but that dress is way too much dress for her.


Angelina Jolie looked like she actually made an effort tonight.  She was not nearly as frumpy as she was at the Golden Globes.  But she does look a little like the Wicked Witch of the West.  I personally always liked her, but other people might not feel the same way.


I thought Penelope Cruz looked beautiful. 


And she was cute when she won and asked if anybody had ever fainted during their acceptance speech. Later when I saw Sarah Jessica Parker I thought their dresses looked pretty similar.  I wonder if either of them were ticked off about that.

Kate Winslet’s dress was just okay.  I liked the back much better than the front.  But I hated her hair.  It was so stiff, it looked like molded plastic.  It was a hair helmet, and that is never a good look.


I seem to be complaining a lot, but I really did enjoy the show.  Maybe I was just still tired and cranky.

Here is my favorite dress of the evening:  Marion Cotillard.  I may be in the minority here but I thought she looked gorgeous.  She looked like a movie star.  I will admit I think the dress looked better on TV than it does in this picture:


Sean Penn’s speech was very good.  And I’m sure I wasn’t the only viewer with teary eyes when Heath Ledger’s family accepted his award.  Like that was a big surprise. 

So there you go.  Those are my thoughts on the Oscars this year.  I hope they get Jon Steward to host again in 2010.


All images are from E!online except Marion Cotillard’s.  That one is from Just Jared.

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