I am an Oscarholic

The Oscars are on tonight.  I love the Oscars, and I don’t even care about who has been nominated.   I don’t think I have seen a single movie that’s been nominated.  No wait, I lied.  I saw Kung Fu Panda.  So that’s one movie.  I haven’t even seen Wall*E because I was afraid I would feel too sorry for the robot and it would make me sad.  No, for me it’s all about the clothes baby.

And tonight, for the first time ever, I get to watch the whole spectacle in HD.  Cool.  I will be able to see every hair extension, every wrinkle, and every bead on every dress.  This is going to be great.  I might even watch some of the red carpet pre-game show.  I plan to stay up and watch the whole thing.

I just hope I can stay awake long enough.  It was a rough night around here last night. The C-Man has the Croup.  I didn’t even know an almost nine-year old could get the Croup, but apparently it is possible if you try really really hard.

So, I did not sleep well last night because I was tending to the Boy, and then I was sleeping on the floor in his room.  This is not the best place to sleep because it is

  • Hard
  • Cold  and
  • Sharp

Hard and cold explain themselves.  The floor is sharp because it is littered with Hot Wheels, Bionicles in various stages of construction, alien action figures and Tech Decks.  I did the best I could to brush them out of the way, but I was not entirely successful.  After he fell asleep I went back to my room, only to be re-awakened for an encore performance about an hour later. 

When the C-Man asked why I had left his room I told him my bed was more comfy than his floor.  After our second trip to the steamy bathroom I took him back to bed and he laid out one of his blankets for me on the floor so I would be more comfortable.  He also gave me a teddy bear to keep me company.  What a sweetie.

Here’s hoping we get through the night Croup free and that I stay awake long enough to watch the show.  I at least want to see the Best Supporting Actor award.  It’s so obvious Heath Ledger is going to win, I don’t know why they even bothered to nominate anybody else.

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