As of this writing at 3:50pm central standard time, I am still in the Virtual Waiting Room on  I have been there since 9:30 this morning.  This is so frustrating.

I am a happy happy girl right now.  I have been successful in my quest for Cubs tickets.  But only because my sister, she of the Awesome Ticket Karma helped me out.

Here is a run-down of my day:

8:15 – take the children to school

8:30 – eat the ceremonial sacrificial hot dog for breakfast

8:40 – listen to the “baseball” mix on my IPod to get myself fired up

9:15 – talk to my sister on the phone. 

9:30 – the virtual waiting room opens, but tickets do not go on sale for another half hour

9:49 – get another Diet Coke from the fridge

And then all heck broke loose.  I was watching my Virtual Waiting Room screen refresh every 15 seconds.  I was dialing the out of state ticket number on my cell phone and my landline.

10:15 – realized that the cable guy would not be able to call me if I was calling out constantly.  Called the cable company and told them to call my cell phone instead of the landline

10:24 – nothing is sold out yet, and it’s been almost half an hour.  Wow.  Push these buttons:  talk, redial, and end.  Talk, redial, end. Talk, redial, end.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.

10:34 – I am getting a headache

10:35 – hand is cramping, switch to other hand

10:44 – cable guy arrives.  Start dialing landline with one hand and cell phone with the other

11:00 – wow, all games still available, and it’s been an hour.  Amazing.  Both hands cramping now.

11:06 – have to stop dialing so I can talk to the cable guy.

11:15ish – my sister calls.  Says she got tickets, do I want her to use her Super Ticket Powers and keep trying for me?  YES YES YES!

11:20 – cable guy has gone.  New digital cable is installed.  Still dialing

11:51 – SUCCESS!  S just called to say she got through again and got tickets for me.  I love my sister.  And not just because she has such excellent luck with Cubs tickets either. 

My family is now the proud owner of four upper deck tickets to Wrigley Field on June 19.  We will be seeing the Cubs play the Cleveland Indians.  Normally I am not a big fan of interleague play, (I hate it) but I am excited to see Mark DeRosa and maybe Kerry Wood as Indians.  Although if we see Kerry Wood it means the Cubs are losing and that’s a bad thing.

I should probably go ahead and close the Virtual Waiting Room window now.  


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