Get your dialing finger ready…

Cubs tickets go on sale tomorrow. I have been spending the day preparing.  I need to be ready, because tomorrow I will be a bucket of nerves.  The first day of ticket sales (which for the Cubs is usually the only day of ticket sales) is very stressful for me.  I have terrible luck with it.  I haven’t managed to get Cubs tickets since 2002. 

I have just been researching their home dates, and comparing them to our summer schedule to see which dates are a possibility.  We have to fit this in around the summer term, which Tom will be teaching, the annual trips to Virginia and Michigan, the Iowa State Fair and the ending and beginning of school.  That’s a lot of potential conflicts, and it doesn’t leave me much to work with.  The best month for us to go to a game is June.  The Cubs are home for exactly nine days in June.  Nine sad, sorry days.  And three of those are against those stinking White Sox.  I’ll never get tickets to those games.

So that just leaves me six days to work with.  Plus a handful of dates later in the summer, and one weekend in May.  The deck is already stacked against me.

I have a plan though. 

The first step is to make an offering to the baseball gods.  I shall have a hot dog for breakfast tomorrow morning.  The Ball Park Frank sacrifice should please them.  Of course, it’s not such a sacrifice for me, I like hot dogs, the hot dog, however, may have other thoughts on that.

Second, I must wear lucky clothing.  I have been struggling with this one because traditionally all my Cubs shirts are very unlucky and it feels like I should wear a Cubs shirt.  I could go with the Geovany Soto t-shirt; it’s new and has not yet proved its luck or lack thereof.  But that might be risky.  I think I will go with my Mild Seven/”Team Spirit” Renault F1 t-shirt.  That has been very very lucky for me in the past.  We shall see.  I could also go with my Japanese Coca-Cola shirt, also very lucky.

Third, I have to be technologically prepared.  I have to find the old-school phone, the one that actually has a cord and plug that in somewhere.  I need that because my cordless phones are all old and decrepit, and don’t hold a charge for very long.  (Insert Tom saying, “then get new ones!”  I would if I could find any I liked.)  If I get through, there is a very good chance that I could be on hold for 45 minutes to an hour and I am not about to get that close and then have my battery die.  I plan to dial on the cordless phone (it has a redial button) and then transfer myself to the old school phone.

I shall call the ticket office number on all three cordless phones and my cell phone tonight right before I go to bed.  That way it will be the last number I dialed, and tomorrow morning I can just start hitting the redial button.

Speaking of my cell phone, I bought a top-up card for it today so I don’t have to worry about running out of minutes tomorrow.  This gives me two phone lines to work with.

I will use the desktop computer to try for tickets online, but I have terrible luck with that.  I would get in the virtual waiting room with my laptop too, but I think you can only have one computer from each ISP trying at a time.  I wonder if any of my neighbors would let me piggyback on to their wireless internet tomorrow so I could have two computers going too.  I just thought of that.  Shoot, it’s kind of too late to ask them.

Did I mention that somewhere in the middle of all that the cable guy is allegedly coming to set up our digital/HD cable?  I say allegedly because I have absolutely no faith that he will actually arrive, but that’s another story for another day.

So, wish me luck for tomorrow.  I’m gonna need it.

Watch this space.


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