A baseball rant

Welcome to Liartown A-Rod.  I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt after his Peter Gammons interview, but it was clear from his press conference yesterday that he knew he “wasn’t taking tic-tacs”.  Sigh. I liked him too, and now I can’t anymore.

And speaking of steroids.  Bud Selig is very upset that people are blaming the steroid era on him.  Poor poor baby.  People are blaming you Bud Selig, because it’s your fault.  No, he wasn’t forcing guys to take them, but he didn’t exactly do much to stop it either.

The cold hard truth is that when juiced-up players started hitting home runs, Selig decided the ends justified the means and turned a blind eye to steroid use.  So with all due respect Mr. Selig, this is all on you.

If I was really reaching I could blame this on Pete Rose.  If he hadn’t been busted for betting on baseball in 1989 Bart Giamatti might never have had that fatal heart attack, and he might have still been commissioner when the juiceball era got underway.  Maybe he would have done something to stop it.  But like I said, I would really be reaching if I made statements like that, so I won’t.

I hope someday Baseball can get past all this junk, I really do.  But right now it is not looking good.  


One thought on “A baseball rant

  1. Baseball really messed itself up. You could say “it wasn’t against the rules, so who cares?” But then you run into the detail that it was illegal. Whoops.

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