Hello my name is Kathy and I am addicted to Facebook

Oh my God, I think it’s actually true.  The other day I posted this article on Facebok addiction with the following comment:

Does that fact that I am posting this on Facebook mean I’m addicted to Facebook?    

Tom responded with: 

I don’t know. Does the fact that we’re sitting next to each other communicating via FB mean that we both have a problem?

My turn next:

I think maybe…

Then Tom IM’ed me to ask if we should change the channel.  We were sitting next to each other watching TV!  (He only did it to be funny)

Tom even updated his status during halftime on Sunday at the Women’s basketball game.  From the game people!

Facebook was making me feel really cool and not old (I won’t say young, I think I’m too far gone for that) when a friend posted this article on – you guessed it – Facebook.

So it turns out I’m an old fogey after all.  Shoot.

But I haven’t updated my status all day.  Maybe I’m not addicted after all.



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