Ode to Diet Coke

I spent most of the day slowly drinking a 44-ounce Diet Coke from the Swift Stop.  This is really more Diet Coke than anybody needs to drink at one time I can recognize that fact.  However, I don’t smoke, I don’t go out to the bars all weekend, and as vices go, I think this is pretty innocent.

Diet Coke from any source is delicious, but what I really love is fountain diet.  It is the sweet nectar of the gods.  I have one almost every day.  I used to get them from McDonalds or Burger King.  But during a conversation with my sister (Hi S) I complained about how awful this habit was for the environment with all those plastic cups going into the landfill.  My sister, who has this same problem said, “just get them at ‘Sleven, they will let you bring old cups in to refill”.  It was an epiphany!  My husband would call it enabling, but what does he know?

Now, I keep a 32-ounce and a 44-ounce cup in my car cup holders just in case I get thirsty.  Of course, we don’t have ‘Slevens around here (that’s 7-11 in case you didn’t know).  I get my fix at any one of a number of Swift Stop, Kwik Trip and Kum-n-Go shops around town.  And I will say that I think Kum-n-Go is the best name for a convenience store ever.

I have become quite the Diet Coke connoisseur.  I can tell you which places have decaffeinated DC, and which do not.  I can also tell you who has Pepsi and who has Coke.  And I can even tell you which shop over near the campus has The Good Ice (fellow fountain drink enthusiasts will know what I mean). 

This is still an imperfect solution, because it means driving to the convenience store of my choice, but I can usually find one between my house and wherever I have to go to run errands.  And until I can talk Tom into putting a soda fountain in the house, it’s the best I can do.


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