And the secret ingredient is

As I mentioned yesterday, my brother is in town, visiting from the beautiful Bay Area. Why he would come to Iowa in February is anybody’s guess, but he’s here. My mom came in too, but she came from Michigan, where the weather is about the same as it is here anyway.

I saw my mom at Thanksgiving, but I haven’t seen my brother since last summer. So, what do the three of us do after the children are in bed? Do we have a relaxing glass of wine and a nice conversation? No. We watch really bad TV shows.  This is not a bad thing.  We enjoy it.   We started out with House Hunters, and then after mom went to bed, we watched Iron Chef America. The secret ingredients were chocolate and coconut. You know what that means? That’s right. It means Magic Cookie Bars.

I don’t normally make Magic Cookie Bars outside of the Christmas Season; there are Rules about things like that. However, I already had all The Stuff, because I had been planning on making another batch right before Christmas, but I got the stomach flu instead.

So, since we had all the necessary ingredients, we quick put them together during the Iron Chef commercial breaks. They go together really quickly and they came out of the oven just as Iron Chef was wrapping up. Delicious.

I probably should have cooked them longer. They are not as brown on the top as they usually are. Or, it could just be because they are out of season. I’m not sure.


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