Another reason to hate winter

I know I have been going on about this, and I am sorry, but winter is really pissing me off.  Actually, the weather has warmed up here, which is nice.  It was 45ish degrees today.  But of course once it got dark the temperatures dropped back below freezing.  So that means all those nice puddles of melting snow have frozen again.  There is black ice everywhere.

The C-man had scouts last night. When we were walking back to the car, he slipped on a patch of black ice and fell onto his back.  He hit his head and his elbow.  And, after he fell on the ice, he kept sliding, and slid under the car.  Under the car  people.  Did you get that?

Fortunately his head and shoulders were still sticking out from behind the rear bumper so I could grab his hand and help him get out. 

Of course, I yelled his name as he fell, and he was afraid I was mad at him.  He was upset.  I was upset, we were all upset.  It was not a good moment.

Luckily he seems to be fine, I think he was more freaked out than hurt.  But I am so done with all this ice and crap. 


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