That’s it?

We watched the last episode of The Sopranos last night.  I realize I am the last person in the universe to finish watching it, but somebody has to be last, right?  And besides, better late than never.

So, since I am assuming everybody else has already seen it, I am going to proceed accordingly.  If you have not seen it, and you would like to some day without knowing how it ends stop reading now.  Seriously, stop reading.  I don’t want to ruin it for you.  Come back tomorrow.

I have to say, the end left me unimpressed.  I was sitting there, paying attention.  I wasn’t even knitting.  I knew we were getting close to the end (I had one eye on the DVD timer) and I was thinking, “nothing has really happened yet” and then the screen went black.  What the hell?  Did I sit on the remote?  Is something wrong with the disc (stupid Netflix!)?  No!  It just stops.  Literally stops.  In mid-scene.  In mid-Journey song.  And it was not very satisfying.

Granted a lot of loose ends were tied up during the show.  They finally manage to kill Phil, the rival mob boss (and how sick is it to be rooting for somebody to get whacked?).  Tony goes to see Uncle Junior in the home and seems sad to realize that Junior really has no idea who Tony is.  And we find out that it looks like Tony is going to be indicted on that pesky weapons charge that’s been circling overhead.

But then there’s that whole scene in the coffee shop.  First of all, why are they in this coffee shop in the first place?  I don’t remember them ever eating there before.  Why aren’t they at that Italian restaurant that they go to all the time?  Then there’s that guy in the black leather jacket that is eyeing Tony.  Is he a hit man?  Is he an FBI agent?  We have no idea.  And why are they spending so much time showing us that Meadow sucks at parallel parking?  Is this some kind of metaphor or something?  All in all there were far more questions than answers.  Tom said it was perfect, but he’s mistaken.

The cynic in me says David Chase intentionally left it open-ended so he could come back to it and make a feature length movie someday.  If that’s the case anytime is fine for me now. 

I think I am going to put Season One Disc One back in my queue.


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