Check this out.  This is something cool to know.  There is a rumor flying all over the interwebs that there are plans in the works to start up a new Formula 1 team based in North Carolina.  It has been on almost all the F1 news sites, and I look at a lot of them.

Here is the article in Autosport.

This would be a pretty big deal.  It’s been a while since a brand spanking new team appeared in F1.  The usual plan is to buy a team on the verge of going belly-up and then changing the name and the paint job on the car.

But this will be a brand new venture.  I suppose if you were going to have an American team North Carolina would be the place to have your headquarters.  For those of you who don’t know North Carolina is the cradle of NASCAR and there are tons of resources there, including a big wind tunnel they could use for aero testing.

However, in my opinion the coolest thing about this is that Peter Windsor is one of the people involved.  He has worked for F1 teams in the past, but is currently one of the race reporters on Speed TV.  He does the pre-race gridwalk, and he is also the guy who asks the questions in the post-race press conference attended by the top three finishing drivers. 


I want his job.


Seriously, I think I could do it.  So what if I haven’t worked in broadcasting since 1991.  So what if I haven’t done television since I finished my TV classes in college, and that I hated every minute of them.  I want to walk around on the race grid and talk to racecar drivers every other Sunday all summer long.  Besides, Windsor doesn’t seem to do much on camera anyway.  He seems to just walk up to drivers and say, “good luck from Speed Channel”.  I can handle that.

I think I could give Windsor a run for his money in the “fair and balanced” department.  There are many race fans that feel that Windsor is a little too obvious on the air about his fondness for Lewis Hamilton, a driver for McLaren.  If I had his job, I am sure those same fans would have the same complaints about me, only it would be Fernando Alonso that I would be swooning about.

Of course, I would never be able to actually interview Alonso.  I would be too nervous.  I once threw up from nerves before meeting him at an autograph session at the US Grand Prix in Indianapolis.  I am not even kidding.  Sometime I will tell you that story, but I have to be able to do it justice.

In the meantime I will be hoping these rumors are true because it would be good for Formula One.  And I will be polishing up my resume.


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