A rant

I am just a little bit peeved about this.

A couple weeks ago we got fliers home from school about the after school foreign language program.  The C-man wanted to take Japanese, and Princess O wanted to take Chinese.  Perfectly fine with me.  And both of those languages had classes on tueadays after school.  How handy.

Last week I got a call from the woman who organizes the program saying that the C-man was the only child who signed up for Japanese, and they were canceling it.  Fine.  She told me they would return my check.  And by the way, I still haven’t received it.

Classes started this week.  We never heard where the class was supposed to meet, so after school on Tuesday The Princess and I went to the office to ask about it.  We were told the class was tomorrow morning.  Well, I didn’t sign her up for Wednesday morning because she hasd violin on Wednesdays.  And really, how hard would it be to make another phone call?

I called the woman I had talked to earlier, and left a message.  She finally called me back tonight.  She told me that my hunch was correct, and that there weren’t enough kids for the Tuesday class so they put them in the Wedesday morning class.  So I explained to her that The Princess cannot attend the morning class and can we please have our money back instead.

She insisted she had told me about the change.  I said, “no, you told me about the Japanese class, but not the Chinese class”.  We went back and forth about that a couple times and then she finally told me they would send me both checks.  Stay tuned.


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