Snow Pants

Today the C-man had a snow pants Emergency.  You wouldn’t think such a thing was possible but it is.  The inside lining  ripped, making them unwearable.

Normally, this would just be annoying and not a true emergency, but it is the end of January and snow pants are thin on the ground around here.  We got lucky at Target and found a pair.  They are way too big for him, but they will have to do.  And besides I have to assume the C-man will not get any smaller between now and next winter.

I don’t understand why Target (and other major retailers) put all their winter stuff on clearance the day after Christmas and start putting out bathing suits.  In most parts of the US winter is just getting underway at that time.  And then inevitably when your child loses his gloves or blows out his snow pants at the end of January you have a full-fledged winter apparel crisis on your hands. 

Speaking of bathing suits, while we were there we also got a couple of those surfer shirts.  The kind made out of swimsuit material.  The children need them for the Swimmy House.  I don’t think many people buy swimwear and snow pants at the same time.  I wonder if I broke their computers.


Tomorrow it will be 40 degrees outside.  I suppose I should take advantage of this opportunity to take down the Christmas lights. 


I am really liking the phrase “President Barack Obama”.  I am also really really liking the phrase “former President George W. Bush”.  Say it again with me.  Ahh.  


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