Wow, it doesn’t hurt to go outside anymore!  Hooray!  It is truly amazing how warm it can feel when it is 29 degrees outside.  That’s a full 50 degrees warmer than it was on Thursday.  I’ll let you do the math.

To celebrate the not-so-cold-you-could-die weather we went sledding.  Some of our neighbors called this morning to say they were putting anexpedition together for this afternoon, so we met them at Cemetery Hill for an afternoon of thrills, spills and chills (the chills come when you get snow down your back).   It sounded like the perfect antidote to a week stuck in the house trying not to freeze to death.

Yes, we really do go sledding at Cemetery Hill, and yes it really is in a cemetery.  Though it is a hill, and as such is not a part of the cemetery that they actually use.  You park your car at the Bulk Water plant and walk up the hill from there.  Did you know you could buy water in bulk? 

It’s a pretty good-sized hill.  There are a couple of trees (surrounded by hay bales) to keep things interesting.  And the Big Kids build little jumps and such into the slope.  We used to go sledding at the golf course, but that is kind of the bunny hill of sledding and the kids have outgrown it now.

So we loaded up the car with plastic sleds and saucers and hit the slope.  The great thing about a group expedition is the wide variety of new equipment to try out.  And of course sledding is a great opportunity for adults to squeal like little girls as they try not to wipe out and embarrass themselves. 

After a pleasant hour or so of defying death we all went to a local bakery for the après sledding part of our program. 

I can’t even tell you how good it felt to get out of the house and get some fresh air.  I think we will all sleep well tonight.


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