Cabin fever

My Scooby is coming home from the garage tonight, so that’s one good thing that happened in the past seven days.  I think it may be the only one.  Well, I guess there’s the new television too.  

This has been an especially crappy week.  I know I have been bitching about the weather quite a bit and that all three of you are probably tired of reading about it.  I promise I will try to stop.  After today.

As you have probably surmised from my constant complaining, we have been having extremely cold and nasty weather around here.  Yesterday the high was supposed to be 5 below zero.  At 8 o’clock yesterday morning the temperature (according to Yahoo!) was -21.  And that’s without the wind chill.

So we have all been stuck in the house too much.  This week The Children had two late starts, one early dismissal and one snow day.  They had one complete day of school all week.  That was Wednesday, the day they always get out early anyway.  And they have Monday off next week.  I swear I am about to lose my mind. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my children beyond imagining, but we are all more than a little stir crazy and tired of each other.  And I can’t even take them anywhere because it is way too cold to be outside. 

Plus I have been driving the Volkswagon.  A fine little cart that I like very much, but it doesn’t handle great on slick roads.   Our town is full of slick roads despite the fact that it last snowed on Monday morning.  That’s four days ago people.  You would think a town of this size could get its act together and clear all the roads in that amount of time.  However, our town snow removal team just scrapes the roads, but doesn’t salt them, and then waits for the traffic and the sun to warm up the streets and melt that last layer.  Except of course when it’s 20 below zero that last bit isn’t going to melt all by itself.  So the streets are a mess and no fun to navigate, especially if you can’t comfortably reach the pedals in the car you are driving.

I am so freaking sick of winter right now. It better start warming up soon or I think I will go stark raving mad.  I wonder how much a weekend in Tahiti would cost.  Frankly, I think it would be worth every penny.



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