More reasons to hate winter

Well, it was a pretty quiet day around here.  It was cold.  Really, really cold.  We had wind chill advisories and everything.  I think our high temperature today was zero. 

I went out to start the car this morning so I could take The Children to school, and it wouldn’t start.  What?  That isn’t supposed to happen to Subaru’s.  So what was going on?  I tried sweet-talking it saying things “come on, you can do it” but that didn’t work so I tried tough love and swore at it. That didn’t work either.  I had no choice but to admit defeat.

On the bright side, Tom took the bus to work today so I could use his car to get to school.  On the downside, the seat is frozen and I couldn’t get it adjusted.  So I could reach the pedals but not easily, and it was not the most fun trip to or from school.  And then all I could do was worry about whether or not that car would start when it was time to pick them up.

Enter the tow truck guy.  He came over and tried to start it and he couldn’t do it either, so he was going to tow it to the car hospital.  But wait, what’s that funny noise?  It’s the tow truck spinning its tires in the snow bank on the side of our driveway.  Oops.  Back and forth he went, and then he left.  He left without my car!  I called him back and he said he broke the truck (!) and would be right back with a new one.

So now my car is at the car hospital, and I have no idea what is wrong with it, or even if the Car Guy got a chance to look at it today.  My poor car, all alone at the garage.  I hope it gets better soon.


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